Sunday, December 21, 2008

And then there is Norwood....

sigh...keep in mind-I'm a laymen. I have no clinical experience, no initials behind my name...but I have sho' nuff graduated at the top of my class from the University School of Hard Knocks...I know some thangs...when I first set eyes on this man...who LOOKED JUST LIKE THIS ON TV:

I was speechless. And then my mind began to he a frigging fugitive?? Is he running from himself??
His name is Norwood Young.

Norwood on Star Search (pre-surgery)

Now what was wrong with him in that video?? NOTHING!!

Here's another video...and this time he looks different

And then...something happened...Norwood and his effed up surgeon turned him into a MONSTER....

beautiful voice...but you can't help but look at him as if he's some type of oddity

If the claims of video ho/author Karrine S has any merit, and Norwood was sexually abused as a child and in Hollywood, then his morphing is understandable. He probably felt had he looked differently he wouldn't have been chosen to be abused. Or maybe looking in the mirror at his old self brought back dreadful memories so in order to erase what he see...he had to erase what he seen-in the mirrorrrrr.
I'm just saying.

Now somewhere in Norwood's travels, he's received help. He looks more manly even if it is a metrosexual man...he looks-very well manicured.
And he's removed those gawd-awful cheek impants and that 'Me-Myself and Irene' ass chin.
Very wise choices indeed.

WOW!! What a difference, and what a surgeon!!



some images courtesy of Norwood's Myspace page

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RE Ausetkmt said...

Really Who the heck is this Norwood Guy ?

I see his pic all over the place, but I just can't figure out who he is .. who is he ?
is he supposed to be a singer, or what a model ?