Friday, December 19, 2008

Aunty Viv!!

She's the aunty you want on your long as her lips aren't looking like sausage links.

In all honesty, with all the attitude and ish Vivica Fox appeared to give off on-screen and off
I have to say I WAS SHOCKED & APPALLED to see she had given into gettin shot up and injected.

She looks fierce, right here!! Go Vivvy!!
I understand what it's like to be rocking the 4th decade. It is not for the faint at heart. Aunt Viv turned 40...wanted to tighten herself ok, cool.
I have to say...when I saw her on TV with 1/2 dollar (50 cent) mouth dropped and I thought she LOOKED STUNNING. (pic below on right)
She got implants to make her boobs fuller (nothing wrong with that) Also, her lips and nose look different. Well hey....she had the money to tweak herself up...she realized who she was sexually, she entered a moment of awakening etc etc

But Aunty Viv...didn't know when to stop.

swollen face on the left- puckered boob on the right
Is her face swollen due to cheek implants? She has fish lips, tsk tsk

Cat-like appearance
why Lawd?! WHYYYYYYYYYY???
Nice, Aunty Viv!
Our favorite SisterGirl
There is barely a resemblance to Vivica in this pic (below)
continued cat-like morphing..uh-uh
This ish ain't Vivvy's's those monsters behind the mouse...eww look at her nose!
LOVES this look!!
She oozes confidence...It seems she's retreated from 'enhancements'
Totally on point are beautiful!!
Leave yourself ALONE!!

For now (at least) it seems Vivca is retreating from cosmetic enhancements bcuz she doesn't like being known as

Image source: Google Images

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