Thursday, December 18, 2008

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
Body Dysmorphic Disorder, is a mental disorder that is characterized by excessive preoccupation with an imaginary or minor defect in a facial feature or localized part of the body. A psychosocial cause of BDD is the influence of the mass media in developed countries, particularly the role of advertising in spreading images of physically "perfect" men and women (Please note: the image of perfection is perpetuated by pathetic IMPERFECT losers who are armed with a mouse, monitor, and Photoshop software). Impressionable children and adolescents absorb the message that anything short of physical perfection is unacceptable. They may then develop distorted perceptions of their own faces and bodies.

For example, a person of normal weight, may look in the mirror and see their thighs as being too large, or their stomach as too fleshy. In reality, their hips are they should be, and you can bounce a dime off of their stomach. These 'imperfect' areas soon become an obsession which inevitably (at times) can lead to plastic surgery to correct the 'flawed' areas.
After one 'flawed' area is corrected, another 'imperfect' area is discovered, which leads to another appointment with a cosmetic surgeon, and the cycle begins.


At one time- plastic surgery, botox and other 'enhancements' were greatly discouraged in the black community.
Today, it is spoken of out in the open, and with pride.

While plastic surgery, and methods utilized to look and feel better aren't bad in and of itself...when the journey causes the person to have very little resemblance to their former self, or even monster-the question that begs to be answerd is:
The person or the doctor?

This post would be irrelevant, if Black & Plastic's posterchild was not featured:
My damn.

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