Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Nappy '09, Errybody!!!

Beginning this year's Black & Plastic is Mz.Infamy,herself:
Wendy 'Wendell'Williams!!

Beige Barbie!
Wendy had a Bride of Frankenstein makeover...from head-2-toe. I must admit, it is hard as hell finding pics of her before all of surgery...Dang!! If anyone has pics/links of Wendy pre-procedures (esp. full body shots), please email them to me at blaqueplastique[at]!! My opinion is solely based on her appearance post-surgery. I have to admit, I ain't mad at Wendy's frankness surrounding her procedures. According to Make Me Heal, Wendy's quoted as saying,

' If I had told my parents my plans, they would have probably said something like, “Liposuction? Wendy, all you have to do is push back from the table. A good diet and exercise will fix all of that.” Who the hell wants to diet and exercise when you can have liposuction. I didn’t want to wait. I wanted my new body now.

After giving birth to a son, she had further surgery to replace her implants and further weight reduction:

“After the baby and a hundred pounds, I needed a tummy tuck. So six months after the baby was born, I scheduled a tummy tuck, a little more liposuction on my thighs and I got my implants replaced. Implants should be replaced every ten years because the casing wears thin.'

Wendy is also a proponent, of injecting food poison into her face,lol, I'm referring to Botox-which would explain her smooth ass face.IMO, it seems Wendy chose to transform herself-to satisfy herself-not as an attempt to live up to Hollywood's ridiculous expectations. Good for her!

1st time I saw Wendy Williams was on this cover...what was wrong with her?!
Smaller boobs

Wendy sans weave:
Natural looking
Natural looking
Love this pic...
Blonde makeup to match her blonde drag queen does not a plastic,make.
While she has had many procedures-she still look like herself.
Contrary to other plastic surgery connoisseurs, Wendy Williams becomes bolder and more self-assured, not depressed and monster looking!

Wendy Williams procedures were:

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Hey Shae! said...

Way too much done. She's lucky she hasn't experienced any complications. She looks good in a couple of the pics for the rest are just ... too much.