Friday, January 23, 2009

LaToya Jackson..

From being born into the Jackson family, to forging out on her own in pursuit of a singing career to posing nude with a snake for Playboy Magazine, to writing a book, to putting her family on blast in the public's eye to getting a divorce from her retarded ass wanna be pimp husband, Jack Gordon to party crashing using the Jackson name-to reality tv-whew!!...LaToya's career has evolved just as much as her looks! LaToya's rumored to have breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, chin implant, liposuction (scarring on stomach), cheek implants

LaToya Jackson has had a VERY DRASTIC change...It's hard to believe in the side by side pic below-that's the same woman
tsk tsk tsk
Accdg to Wikipedia, LaToya is 52 yrs old...dang!
She doesn't look 52 at all...well from her shoulders down she doesn't.

Back in the day, in the black community...LaToya was called the 'pretty one'...even with all of that damned baby hair! lol Now she's just known as the dazed and confused Jackson

Yes, this is LaToya b4 fuccing herself up! sigh
LaToya (yes LaToya Jackson) in 1980...smh

LJ's famous or infamous Playboy Cover

Pic from her website (photoshopped)

Some type of scarring on LaToya's stomach, possibly from plastic surgeries (below)
Image source: Concrete Loop,,16252078-GDV,00.jpg

Her face has certainly aged...regardless of the numerous procedures.

LJ's personal website, click here

Unfortunately, LaToya Jackson is:


delaney55 said...

There us such pressure, particularly on women, to not age. Instead of appreciating life and the normal, natural changes that most of us go through, beauty is seen as a must even over 50 and too many in Hollywood feel pressure to maintain youthfulness beyond reasonable ages unless you are a great actress and then you play character roles. Aging stars should just go with being natural because most of the augmentation is so fake looking they aren't fooling anyone.

Au Naturale said...

Ur so right, and it's sad. The very features that other cultures are emulating, we're shearing off of our bodies in shame!!

We're supposed to look older in our 50's. and itdoesn't matter how many lifts, tucks etc u get...your hands and neck will never lie.