Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Be My Little Baybayyyyy

Well hotdamn! If Crunk & Disorderly says this is Ronnie Spector, then dammit it's Ronnie Spector. Truth be told, I thought it was an older pre-op from the Rainbow Tribe. Let's set the record straight-I'm not trying to blaze Ronnie Spector...she has a helluva voice, and she has a strong stomach seeing as how she was married to wigtastickalicious/murdering ass Phil spector.
Questions: Does Ronnie have some plastic/lipo/silicone?? What do you think?
Check out Ronnie Spector performing at Joey Ramone's bday party...the criticism is bad-but life can fuck up your shit.

Trust, I've heard a lot fucking worse!! So looking at her in this vid and looking at the pics at the beginning of the post...plastic or au naturale??

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