Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Big Gulp Cup of WTF?!

Since there's some fucked up plastic surgery pics floating around of people who aren't black, I've decided to highlight said pics on a weekly basis. The pics will be entitled, A Big Gulp of 'WTF?' and after viewing the pics, you'll understand there are no possible words to explain or justify these mofos rapid descent into madness.

Igor and Grichka Bogdanov

scary plastic surgery

These french twins are for lack of a better enigma. Reading their bios made me get a headache so if you're curious as to why these ignorant asses paid to look like Dick Dastardly or Jim Carey in Me, Myself & Irene, you'll have to click the link above. According to different sources, they're scientists or pranksters-depending on who's speaking. If you truly give a fuck, again, click the above link.

scary plastic surgery


Socialite Bitches+ Too Much Time on their hands= Drag Queens (Sorry, true D.Q's)/the Fucking Animal Kingdom

celebrity plastic surgery

Italian socialite Michael Romanini (I've tried to find pics of her before plastic surgery-they must be under lock & key!), a socialite from Thailand (name unknown so I can't find a b4 pic, if you know her name or have a pic please email me) and good ol’ Swiss socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein. No words for Joc, there aren't enough adjectives in the English or Swiss language.


Believe it or not, Korea has a resident who makes Cat aka Jocelyn W looks beautiful. Han Mi Ok, is NOT ok. She's fucked up and some of the fuckeduptivity is by her own hand.

Famous Plastic reports:

Hang Mioku was 28 years old when she got her 1st plastic surgery procedure. For the next 20 years she couldn’t get enough, even though her face became bloated and disfigured. When her plastic surgeons finally cut her off and would no longer perform surgery on her, Hand Mioku decided to inject cooking oil into her face to keep it plump.

hang mioku before and after plastic surgery

I tried to find what procedures left Hang Mioku in this condition, but the only thing we know for sure is that she fancied having silicon injected into her face.

Hang Mioku after surgery to correct botched plastic surgeries and cooking oil injections:

celebrity plastic surgery

Mioku, now 48 years old, says that she would like to have her old face back now. Oh…really?!

Check out the vid below: