Monday, May 18, 2009

A Big Gulp of WTF?? #2

Since there's some fucked up plastic surgery pics floating around of people who aren't black, I've decided to highlight said pics on a weekly basis. The pics will be entitled, A Big Gulp of 'WTF?' and after viewing the pics, you'll understand there are no possible words to explain or justify these mofos rapid descent into madness.

*Caricature: Amanda (formerly Armand) Lepore*
born a boy, created into a woman
b/w pic of Amanda before extreme plastic surgery

Another pic before extreme attention whorish surgery
OMG...are you serious, Amanda?? WTH is up w/your damn hips??
Amanda as Heidi (?)
According to Wikipedia, Amanda's procedures include:
...three breast augmentations, her eyes slanted twice, her forehead lifted, her hairline pulled down, and her brow bone reduced. She has also had her forehead, buttocks, and hips enlarged with liquid silicone injections. Most notably, she had her lips enlarged with liquid silicone injections (and subsequently reduced) and has had her lower rib broken and pushed in.[4]
And that's the shit that's documented, not including a sex change operation at 15yrs of age!

*Nicole 'CoCo' Austin aka Ice-T's wife/ personal jump off*

I admit it, I never heard of this woman b4 Ice-T. While her body is tight, she's definitely had an overhaul by way of plastic surgery
Co-Co before surgery...a face lost in the crowd

Lipo, and did the doc do a wishbone and break some ribs off of her ass??
ewww Coco, your ass is comin' aloose!
images source

Damn, her face looks like it's in a fatsuit!!

**actor Rupert Everett**
This is why you need to do research on your surgeon. Men and women's face are not created why go to a doc who'll make you look like a woman when you're a damn man??
The only explanation i can come up with is he pissed his doctor off!! He cannot think this is a damn good look!! Rupe got duped!!

~~Read the comment this damn dr. made in Rupe's pic below...this is why some plastic surgs are going to damn hell!!!! 'Impressive, 10 yrs younger?!'- Bitch stop lying!! Rupe looks grotesque and fucking older! He looks like Burt damn Reynolds!! wtf?!~~
Don't go to Dr. Brian Glatt for cosmetic enhancing-he hasn't a fucking clue!!
oh hell nawww, he looks like he should be in the Hollywood Wax Museum (right pic below)

**Maria Geronazzo**

This bitch knows she's too old to be posing like this with those catfish lips! ewww
this woman will be 52 yrs old this year-that's all-and she' supposed to be a porn star or some shit . But hell, men'll screw anything
Apparently, Hungary has fucked up surgeons too!

Maria's a porn gawd...I guess there's a penis for every coochie,huh??

I want to slap the shit out of the dr./drs who did this to that delusional woman-it's obvious she's suffering from early onset Alzheimers!

I watched almost 1minute of this vid and I swear my lips started hurting:

**Priscilla Presley**
The Pelvis' ex obviously has too much time (and money on her hands).

before plastic surgery
shiiitt, Priscilla used to be beautiful!! wtf made her decide to go for the Chipmunk Cheek look??
This shit ain't cute! She's scaring my black ass! Why did her formerly beautiful self choose a gothic look??
oh hell nawww

**actor Joan Van Ark**
No damn words are necessary, 'cept...WTF happened to you!
why is her face gray?? is she a corpse who's been friggin regenerated?? wth?

**actor Darryl Hannah**

Darryl Hannah USED to be sexy as hell, ok? As evidenced by the pic below when she appeared as a mermaid in Splash (25yrs ago!!):

She was bad as hell in Kill Bill as Elle Driver!

But something went terribly terribly wrong!!
Hell nawwww, this is NOT my girl, Darryl!!
I can't even imagine how she feels...sigh
What's really crazy about Darryl is..she's totally into the greening of the power and shit. Being one with nature and then she goes and fucks up her natural

This episode of 'A Big Gulp of WTF?!' has been brought to you by Black & Plastic-see ya next week!!