Thursday, May 28, 2009

☛ Black & Plastic, Botox News: Sheree Whitfield's Crib is like her laugh lines...gone!

It's so coooold in the 'G' how the hell is Sheree to get peace?! Frontin' all the tiiiiime, tryin' to get some shiiiiiine
Sheree has no crib, no one wanted dibs,
how could that be, when she's the eye of envy...blame it on the d-d-d-div-orce settlement
blame it on the d-d-d-d- settlement...

Please, don't think I'm gloating-cuz I ain't. This economy is killing hoes swiffer than Swine Flu and the flesh eating bacteria. I just think it's funny how people want to ack bran new, and then Karma has the nerve to bring that same ass down a peg or two. Hmpf, so anyhooo...according to Yazmar, Sheree's crib is no longer hers. No one stepped forward to purchase the home...hmm out of respect or was it bcuz no one wanted to live in a mausoleum...hell who knows?

However, in true ghetto form...Sheree (Sherry, lol) has supposedly absconded with the appliances-I heard that girl! Y'all said y'all taking the house...not my 'pliances *insert neckroll, stick out lips and hands on hips here!!*

I'd LOVE to see a 'reality' (lol) show on Sheree (Sherry) and Kim (I paid a lot of money for my Kinekelon wig) as roommates. Can you imagine all of the backstabbing that will transpire???
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Image of home & story: Yazmar