Monday, May 25, 2009

Black & Plastic News: Queen Latifah Performed on AI

Well dayum, my ass is late out the gate!

I wrote about Miss Queen Latifah aka Dana Owens here>> discussing the breast reduction she received several years back. We know Covergirl loves them some Dana. But let's not forget she's also a singer. I guess I need to watch TV more often cuz I missed her on AI!! Hmmmm, I'm wondering if I should get a 'tude or watch her performance on Youtube first. I heard about all of these stars (celebrities-not constellation) coming out to perform on AI...AND NO ONE MENTIONED Queen's duet with Lil Rounds. Ain't that bitch?! Let me check the vid out first-brb

Ok, I just watched the Youtube Vid...I BETTER not find out who in the fuck made Queen's outfit. That poor girl looks terrible when she turns sideways. But her make up (Covergirl, I guess lol) was on point.

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Check out Queen's and Lil Rounds performance. That Lil Rounds is still loud as hell-DAYUM!! smdh