Tuesday, May 12, 2009

En Vogue...Plastic or Blessed Genes??

(l to r) Cindy Herron, Dawn Robinson, Maxine Jones, and Terry Ellis

image source, wikipedia

Thank the R&B gawds for answered prayers!! Not only is En Vogue back, but they're still looking good!! I love all of the girls, but can't no one 'give it' like Dawn Robinson-the bitch is just bad, ok?? Let the fucking haters hate!

images source, TMZ

images source, Bossip

So what do you think...has En Vogue had any work (botox, tweaking etc?) Maxine's a lil thick in the waist, but hell-so am I-and what?! Over all the ladies look great.

My verdict:

Check out En Vogue's recent performance on 'The View' (ok ok Sherri we get it, you love En Vogue now sit your uncomfortably built ass down before I dedicate a post on your ass!!)