Saturday, May 9, 2009

Face Transplant Recipient, Connie Culp...A Medical Miracle!!

I came across this story the 1st time I visited FreddyO. This woman's not famous, not black, and she's not plastic (though there's alot of hardware going on in there, I'm sure), read on:

Connie Culp is a survivor of domestic violence...LITERALLY. Her bitch ass husband shot her in the fucking face 3x's (told you he was a bitch ass) and thought he had the last fucking word (by turning the gun on himself), apparently sharpshooting was not his line of work. American courts sentenced his ass to SEVEN (7) YEARS IN PRISON-Lady Justice serves again!! According to Zimbio, Culp may even take hubby back after he gets out of prison. WTF?? She's crazy as hell. There goes her damn Lifetime Movie (down the drain), a visit to Oprah's set (still possible) and book deal (I smell sulphur). Connie, you're blind bcuz of him-sometimes I don't know about these women...but I digress:

Connie's come a long way-physically!! The doctors should be very proud of themselves! I love it!! Miracle, miracle, miracle!!

Check out Connie before her asshole husband took his balls out of the jar here>>

Connie speaks, here>>

Thanks, FreddyO