Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Iman: Nuts & Berries or a Bit of Plastic??

I can only pray and fast and then hope like hell I can look this damn fab at 53. Iman (nee Abdulmajid) the ubermodel will be 54 in July and I'm telling you she slays the youngbucks without saying a damn word. Can you believe Iman has an older daughter named Zulekha who'll be 31 this year??
Younger Iman...

Her lips are reminiscent of Kerry Washington's...sort of??

I HATE Photoshop!! (that's a bad pose, tho!!)

(l to r, Iman's daughter Zulekha *father's NBA great Spencer Haywood, Iman & niece Amala)

(Iman with youngest daughter Alexi, father's David Bowie)


Maybe a mini facelift, botox, boob augmentation?? She's definitely had Rhinoplasty. But she still looks great!!
So Iman, let me ask you this: