Monday, May 18, 2009

In Plastic News: Iman Gives Back-Handed Compliment to First Lady Michelle Obama

Since when in the hell is a back-handed compliment a damn compliment?!

Mmmmm, how do I approach Iman's perspective on 1st Lady Michelle Obama? It seems that she has deemed the 1st lady as being 'intelligent' but not 'a great beauty'...sigh. Looking through the pics on the post I wrote on Iman here>>, while she's not unattractive she would not be deemed 'a great beauty,' either. Taking a look at the pic of Iman below on the left, apparently she didn't she became 'a great beauty' until she caucasoided herself.

image source

Eurweb goes on to quote Iman saying,
"But she is so interesting looking and so bright. That will always take you farther. When you're a great beauty, it's always downhill for you. If you're someone like Mrs. Obama, you just get better with age."

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Michelle Obama seems to get better as she age because she chose to accept who she is and not resort to the knife. Now, I'm not against plastic surgery (i'm against those who become the bride/groom of frankenstein via plastic surgery). However I do object to those who have been hacked by a scalpel or laser speaking on those who are natural. For those who have chosen to totally revamp their looks by way of an operating room, weave, skin lightener etc to speak on someone natural is (to me) the equivalent of someone who's had their home remodeled from top to bottom weighing on a home that's been left in its original state. I do not believe that person can speak without being subjective.

And Iman's talking about an interesting look...(again, looking at the pic above) shiiiit Iman looked interesting as hell at the age of 20...wouldn't you say?? And truth be told, Michelle is giving Iman a run for the money in regards to gracing magazine covers.
I love women who don't fit society's or (Iman's ) image of being beautiful. These women can look good and verbalize themselves intelligently simultaneously! My list of unconventional beauties include (but are not limited to):

*Loretta Devine*
*Grace Jones*
*Whoopi G*
*S. Epatha Merkerson*
*Alek Wek*
*understated and underrated, Kimberly Elise*
*Iyanla Vanzant*
*actor Jill Marie Jones...did she Botox?!*
*the Chameleon herself, Alfre Woodard*
*Who can f*ck with the Late/Great Eartha Kitt??*

stuntin' on them ho*s, and what??

Honestly, there are too many fabulous black women who fit in the category of 'not a great beauty' in society's eyes-but they're fierce in MINE's!! I guess if we all were at the mercy of an artiste (i.e., plastic surgeon) we'd all talk we wouldn't. Thankfully the women depicted above have/had the beauty to match the brains.

To Iman: Just sit still, pose for the camera and shut the hell up. And I KNOW you'll look fab & fierce in doing so.
Girlfriend is straight up: