Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Omarosa Marigault-Stallworth...boobalicious

First there was the fictional black bitch you loved to hate, Dominique Devaraux, and then there was real, live and in technicolor, dolby surround sound Omarosa Marigault. Ms. Marigault epitomized the ABW (angry black woman) and had mofos shaking in their boots when she appeared on Donald Trump's The Apprentice. I gotta give it to her. She marketed herself so well, that when Celebrity Apprentice came on she was the only former Apprentice contestant invited to appear on the show. Omarosa, after cashing her checks, decided to do what most reality females some boobs. In looking at some of her pics, it looks as if she's upgraded a coupla times. I'm not mad at her. Me being a full breasted woman, I don't know or can't share the plight of my lesser filling cup sisters and I don't want to know. Last winter I slipped on ice in the parking lot, and my breasts cushioned the blow upon impact like damn air bags-hell yeah I'm serious!! Had I been less endowed, I would've busted my mouth wide open. **thank you, girls!! lol*

Secret My Ass!!

Looking a lil' rough
omarosa breasts Pictures, Images and Photos

Obviously, this is b4 the boobs 'settled'
omarosa breasts Pictures, Images and Photos
We see you and your girls!

Not that Omarosa needed silicone to make her more ruthless, but I'm wondering if they didn't contribute to the damn near verbal annihilation of poor Wendy Williams.

I'm just axin' *shruggin my shoulders*


Re: Oma's reason for getting borderline pornstar boobs: