Thursday, May 14, 2009

Plastic, Botox and Talent...

Sheree Whitfield (a former housewife) of The Desperate Real Housewives of Atlanta has learned the same lesson that single mothers all over the world has learned. When the man you lubbed can't/ain't/won't/don't love you back and flies the coop, you have to tap inside and learn what your giftings and callings are. If these designs were actually created by Sheree and not a ghost mistress, then I'll say Shim She by Sheree is off to a good start.

Sheree looks good right here! Love the pose :)

Lisa Wu is too cute!

Jamie Foster Brown of Sister2Sister Mag, looking homeless

Sheree *what's up with her jacked up Yaki?!*, Dwight giving face

The designs aren't bad. I'm surprised She*he Sheree didn't go for formal wear. She just came across as that type, but I like the low maintenance (with the high end price tag, I'm sure) look. I don't like the spaghetti strap on her black dress...she has the arms to carry off the one shoulder. Needless to say...I wouldn't mind seeing her funny looking self having the last laugh at her husband. Stay tuned, folks!

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