Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sandra Denton: Pepa of 'Salt N Pepa'

Sandra Denton of the famed female rap group Salt N Pepa has a NEW ATTITUDE. I sometimes wonder if being compared to Salt (light skinned/darker skinned) lead up to her changes-at least subconciously. I was just as ignant as erryone else back in the day-distinguishing between who was cute: 'Salt' and who wasn't: 'Pepa.' It's because of my damn ignorance (I was a young teen) and everyone else's that caused this girl to go under the knife and come out a whole diff person (my theory).
In retrospect I judged because I was unhappy with the person I was. I now know that attempting to ubscribe to society's (ie, Iman) perception of beauty is a life filled with misery. (Trivia: Did you know Pepa's an Island girl? She was born in Jamaica. Also, did you know Pepa's 43yrs old?!

pic on right (below) looks NOTHING like Pepa
Younger days...
Harsher looking Pepa (far right)
I believe Pep's had at least botox, facial contouring of some type, rhinoplasty, liposuction, work on her eyes, breast augmentation.
Admittedly, if you don't look at her nose-SHE LOOKS BETTER.
Pep's DEF had lipo (black hair is beautiful on Pepa)
Pepa's much more feminine looking, softer than before
Another blogger (forgot whom it was) asked why is it that when black people get a nose job they come out looking like the Jacksons?? Pepa's no exception

The excess hair (wig, frontlace, weave, whatever) makes Pepa look Draggish (as in Drag Queen).
Her face is softer now...she doesn't need all of that hair to feminize herself.
Looking good, Pepa (l)

this pic caused me concern...something's amiss on Pepa in the eye area
Pepa's overhaul's DRASTIC AS HELL (she doesn't look like her former self), HOWEVER she looks softer more feminine and she exudes a confidence that's not forced-she looks better. She does have that-yep I paid to look like this...but it somehow works.
Good for her!

Check out Salt N Pepa's video, "Shoop"