Thursday, May 21, 2009

Soon, and Very Soon..,We'z Going To See the King!!

To quote our Psychic Friends Network diva and Nippy's (Whitney Houston) cousin, Dionne Warwick, What the World Need Now Is Love (Sweet Love).
I was over at a blog called Wendyista, (blog dedicated to Wendy Williams) and came across this real fucked up story! Katherine Dalton, a former model and lesbian, who felt she was in the wrong body-had sex reassignment surgery and now finds herself himself a man who's attracted to other men. Kathy who's now known as Adrian went from being a lesbian==>to a damn gay ass man. How in the hell is that fucking possible? I could understand if she had received an organ from a gay man and started to have some of the desires he may have had...but that wasn't the case. So, I'm not really understanding how after the surgery she's he's now wanting to smash men.

(before) Katherine as a successful model
Katherine Dalton

(after) 'Adrian' works for an investment firm
Adrian Dalton

I don't know how to explain the psychological aspect of this shit. But this is a blog about plastic surgery and the after pic of 'Adrian'--dude looks like a dude. source