Sunday, May 10, 2009

What's Up With Sheree...

Besides the fact that Real Housewives of Atlanta's Sheree Whitfield looks manly as hell, something else about her seems...mmmmmm, harsh/hard/stiff...hell you fill in the blank! It definitely doesn't help that she and John Amos share the same nostrils! Nor is it helping tht she always looks as if she's smelling something foul as hell. Her and Jada Pinkett-Smith have the same quality: They look manly most of the time but when they're on point and let the woman in them run free-dammit they're on point.

According to Yazmar:

Sheree should be happy with what she’s getting…According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Ms. Sheree Whitfield received the following in her bitter divorce settlement with ex-husband and former Atlanta Falcons player Bob Whitfield.

* Primary custody of their two children
* $2,142 a month in child support
* Two cash payments totaling $775,000
* $250,000 share of his NFL Player 401(k) plan
* Shares of three other NFL retirement plans
* 2006 Range Rover Sport

Long face is appealing the decision, claiming that she should be awarded alimony because of “her lack of education” and “inability to earn enough income to find affordable housing in the same school district where their children’s friends and classmates live.”
I think the shocking part of this settlement info (which is old news to most-but new to me)...she comes across as the one with the most affluence, ie, she's snobby as hell. According to the settlement, IMHO she overestimated who she is-cuz she didn't get shit.

But I digress, has Sheree had any surgeries, OR injections?? I do love her Michelle O arms!!
I'm not Dr. Reyes of the plastic surgery show on cable, but knowing how bougie Sheree is/was (her settlement shud've caused some serious humility) she's most likely had work. I KNOW she's doing botox, and unless she has a helluva wonderbra she probably has breast augmentation...and popping out 3 kids?? u know what it does to your damn stomach let's not act brand new, boo. She does have great muscular definition..but i'm still going to say she's had work on the tummy of some kind. Has anyone seen pics of her stomach?? Needless to say, she still looks good (when the feminine side of her rules and reigns!).

So my question to Sheree is: