Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who Should Get Plastic Surgery...Manny Ramirez

To: The Biggest Dumbass in Sports right now. You ought to be feeling pretty damn low right about now. How is it that you thought you'd be excluded from drug testing?? And why is it that AFTER it's revealed you've been doping-you say it's due to a doc giving you meds??

Don't you know about covering your ass?? How about before you ingest or get shot up with shit, you take you fake ass to a computer and look some shit up. You didn't cuz your ass was lying. Manny, I know you're kicking yourself in the fucking fanny right now, aren't you? 50 game suspension? How much dope did they find in your system??
You know you're fucked right?

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You do know that regardless what you do from here one will give you the benefit of the doubt. We thought you were real, dude. You just screwed yourself with your own Louisville Slugger!!
As a courtesy I'm going to suggest you make an appointment with Dr. Robert Reyes, surgeon to the stars for a consult. I have a couple of faces I'd like to suggest:
I mean...given the circumstances-it couldn't get worse-could it?

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