Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Big Gulp of WTF?? #3: Desperate Times Calls for Desperate Measures

Since there's some fucked up plastic surgery pics floating around of people who aren't black, I've decided to highlight said pics on a consistent basis. The pics will be entitled, A Big Gulp of 'WTF?' and after viewing the pics, you'll understand there are no possible words to explain or justify these mofos rapid descent into madness.

Why in the HELL would Hayden Panettiere's mother, Leslie destroy her BEAUTIFUL FACE?!

I saw this on Awful Plastic Surgery, and I almost Awful Plastic Surgery for posting the pic, lol
She now looks like a fucking MONSTER!! This woman was the shit b4 that evil damn scientist got ahold of her ass. I'M PISSED!! And she should be too, dammit!! WTF?!

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Our favorite Octo pussy mommy has many procedures and in this instance the WTF come from her 'before' pic-dayum!! But in looking at this pic below on the left. She's haggard, tired like most moms are who take care of small children. But skip to the 2nd pic...
THIS is Octomom in her younger years on the below on the left!! She was pretty! Why would she'd want to reinvent herself is beyond me. smh

Former Playmate of Year Shauna Sand needs to see another plastic surgeon, STAT! I don't know what dog chewed on her damn nipple but he needs to be euthanized-for real. Chick was formerly known by her stripper lucite heels but that chewed up nipple has now gained more notoriety. yuck!

In the TS (Transgendered) world, often times those who are transitioning (from one sex to another) resort to kitchen doctors (those practicing medicine unlicensed) due to high costs of medical procedures. Vega Olivia Perry was one of those people.
Out of desperation, Vega allowed herself to be injected by a non-doctor with silicone. She's had silicone removed from her face, hips and legs which left permanent scarring.