Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Black-N-Asian Invasion: Kimora 'Kimono' Lee Simmons

(Kimono @14yrs old, cute! what a lot of hair!!)

I have a like/dislike relationship with Kimono (j/k Kimora lol), I feel she hooked up with Blood Diamond Russell to get her biz swag on and then jumped ship. But then again, that's what BDR gets for fuckin with chirren. I admire her biz acumen...but IMHO, she's a bit too much. Too in your damn face. I did like her in Beauty Shop w/Queen Latifah, tho'. It's not as if Kimono gives a damn about what I think about her ass, so let' keep this shit moving, shall we?

The product of an Asian mom, Kyoko and black father Vernon Whitlock, Jr (his name makes him sound no nonsense as hell!!) Kimono endured shit that most interracial kids do. She was teased unmercilessly for her height and her heritage. Bad fuckers-who's laughing now huh? Who's laughing now??? lol

Kimono is a beautiful woman, and I really wasn't sure if she had any plastic surgery-but my nosey ass did find out she had rhinoplasty (nose job-for the ignant lol) I must say-her shit is tight. Not bad for a young lady who was 5'10" by the age of 10 yrs old, and was on the receiving end of many cruel taunts and jokes by bad ass go Kimono!!

(bff's, Tyra-18, Kimono 17-KLS looks BEAUTIFUL and this is b4 rhino)

(Kimora...blowin' up!)

(Kimono rockin' that thang like...)
(Ms. Baby Phat in all of her 'fabulosity')

(Kimono must get spray tans-Asian w/out make-up, black w/make up..oookkk)
After all it's said and done, I must ask Kimono this:

Here's a quick 20-second clip of Kimono b4 rhino: