Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ida Ljungqvist: Playboy's 1st Black/African Playmate of the Year...


She's African, she's Swedish so all of that shit makes her BLACK (not African-American), dammit!! lol Twenty-seven year old Ida Ljungqvist has made history by being the first African to be crowned as Playboy's first Playmate of the Year (2009). The young nubile beauty was born in Tanzania, Africa to a Tanzanian mother and Swedish father. Ida is world-travelled as her father worked for UNICEF. She's also multi-lingual: she speaks Swahili, English & Swedish, and currently resides in California.

While Ida is famous due to her Playmate status, she's also achieving infamy as a money-grubbing-homewrecking-thief!!
At least from the perspective of Katrina Katner who's suing the beauty. Ida's accused of conspiring with Katner's husband-Mr. Katner-in funneling over $90k that was earmarked for child and spousal support. I know Ida's not doing that to the chirren?! This must be a mistake!! hmph, sucks to be Ida right now. Story still developing.

But let's get back to the reason of this blog: her titties. While the size is nice, her boobs looks as if two halves of a steroid infused grapefruit were stuck to her chest. Apparently, Hefner and Katner, and the millions of Playboy subscribers like it, so what in the hell do I know??? source
**image sources: Playboy, Top News

While her boobs could use some tweaking, overall she doesn't look like a body dysmorphic, clueless ass bride of frankenstein. Therefore, I deem Ida (with her allegedly scandalous ass):