Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mel B: Abs of Steel or of Scalpel??

Melanie Janine Brown aka Mel B (formerly of Spice Girls) is doing the damn thang. She left the UK and high-tailed it to the States. She got herself a rich baby daddy (I wouldn't brag too much about Eddie Murphy being my child's father-but hey, I'm not walking in her stilettos so what in the hell do I know?!), is seen wherever there's a camera-lately it seems in a bikini (I'm hatin' just a smidge lol), has a nice-looking but suspect hubby-what does he do for a living again?? (i'm just saying), has 2 beautiful little girls, and body that turns the heads of men and women alike.
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In order to get ready for her appearance on DWTS, it's rumored that Melanie made a trip to a plastic surgeon.

Above on the left is Mel B before (kids and surgery) undergoing what I suspect was a procedure known as abdominal etching.
According to Face and Figure, abdominal etching is:
...a technique of sculpting to emphasize the appearance of the vertical muscles in the center of the abdomen, the “rectus abdominus,” commonly known as the “abs.” By sculpting the abdomen to emphasize these muscles, it gives the appearance that one is incredibly physically fit; in order to produce the same effect by working out you would probably have to work out three or four hours a day every day, and in addition keep your body fat very low.

...the procedure is usually accomplished by sculpting the overlying tissue to the shape of a healthy “six pack.” If the layer is too thin, it may also be necessary to do some micro fat grafting over each section of the six pack.” This enables us to emphasize the muscular appearance even more.

One of the really nice things about this is that the procedure itself results in a bit of swelling, and the “six pack” appears only gradually as the swelling subsides, very much as it would appear gradually if you began working out vigorously. It does not change overnight so it would look to anyone else in your gym like you were doing this on your own. In general, we tend to make the six pack more distinct in men and a little less distinct and chiseled looking in women, which mirrors the normal appearance of healthy women and healthy men. Of course, it can be made either distinct o subtle in either men or women.
(Well, Mel B certain to her chisel to a whole other level, lol)

Mel B is rumored to have had approximately 3 breast augmentation procedures, and liposuction-as evidenced by the flat and stretched looking navel. (probably in conjunction with abdominal etching).

Let the record show: Mel B also works out like a beast. Hell the stilettos alone works her legs out. She's set to come out with exercise dvds soon..u go girl!

Below: Mel B in her starring role as 'Peep Diva' in the Las Vegas Burlesque show, Peepshow.'

Make that money Mel, don't let it make you!! lol

While, Mel B has had an extensive procedure-she's still recognizable.
Therefore, I deem Mel B as: