Monday, June 1, 2009

☆ ☆Black Non-Plastic News: Jennifer Hudson Pregnant and had a damn baby shower! Admit it Jennifer!!!

Ok, so maybe Jennifer Hudson didn't shout her pregnancy from the rooftop like Jill Scott (who in April had a little boy named Jett, btw), but damn...when your stomach is OBVIOUSLY pregnant-why do you insist on denying ur pregnant?? J-lo, and a couple of other celebs did that shit too. Whatev...Anyhoo, she's expecting a baby with fiance/reality show celeb David 'Punk' Otunga. They've gone back and forth with proposing to each other and they've gone back and forth with accepting each other's proposal. Now let's get married already. :)

****Baby Belly****

*****Ohhh, She really looks pregger here****
*****Jennifer & David *****

****Wowwww,look at her belly lol****

***uhhh, I need to talk to her costume designer-fa real***

Jennifer, friends and family attended her baby shower yesterday, and they don't know the baby's gender. mmmmhmmmm...of course they don't. I just wish her family was here to celebrate the new grandbaby/nephew-niece/cousin.

image credit: Concrete Loop, Google Image, Pop Crunch