Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Norwood Young...Lookin Good Better!

I've spoken about Norwood here>> It's hard to believe that the man who looked as if he was put together by Mr. Potato Head himself-has truly come a long way in the plastic surgery department. I swear his doctor put his ass back together like Humpty Dumpty. I seriously did not know a surgeon can add to your nose after it's been whittled down to a cone. I am truly learning about the miracle of science!!

Recent pic of Norwood (below)

Norwood Young was recently spotted in Hollywood near MJ's Hollywood Star on the day of his death. He was also filming for his reality show. Huh?? Damn, have I really been that out of touch?? I know he still doesn't have that damn show when he was looking for a butler?

UPDATE: Well damn, dude has another reality show...in the U.K. entitled 'Just Norwood.' According to PR HUB:
The series will take viewers inside the private life of the man once celebrated as recording artist Norwood Young. Young was well on his way, pursing a promising career in music, traveling, recording, performing and making personal appearances - all the luxury and excitement of sheer stardom power. That was until his fame became overshadowed by the popularity of his home. Norwood Young lives in the most notorious home in the Los Angeles area. The infamous “Youngwood Court Estate”, also known as “The House of Davids”, is located in an affluent, exclusive Hancock Park neighborhood just outside of Los Angeles. The house, controversially decorated with seventeen Michelangelo’s Statues of David lining the driveway, has caused more media frenzy than Young could have ever imagined and has become the talk of the nation. Now all anyone seems to care about is “The House”. Throughout the series, Norwood will share through laughter, frustration and even tears, his journey and struggle to maneuver around the fame of the house to regain his claim as a celebrated recording artist.
Now, I see why it's broadcasting in the UK. Well hell, Norwood has to do what he has to do to keep those checks rolling in. Who else is going to maintain those 17 Michelangelo Statues of David??

Norwood (below) at his creepiest

Norwood has come a lonnnnng way. You're fine as you are Norwood, therefore I say to you: