Sunday, June 7, 2009

Star Jones: Lawyer, TV Personality & Former Fag-Hag

I remember first seeing Star Jones on a news channel during the OJ trial-not his last trial-his 'if it doesn't fit-u must aquit' trial (RIP Johnnie Cochran). I was absolutely mesmerized by this beautiful, black & juicy woman who straight up knew her legal shit!! And then Star was propelled to Stardom-doing interviews, being featured on diff shows, blah blah blah. Then Star was on The View with Babs and hot damn, she was the only spot of color on the panel!! The show came on 3 am, but I tried to support her. Then Star's star got a lil brighter and you started seeing her out and about with celebs, cuz hell now she was a celeb too. The View went on days, Star started talking shit and I really wanted to watch her on The View-but hell my ass had to work. So I followed her online and tabloids (lol, don't act brand new-u did too dammit!!)

(I swear I didn't know Star was this big til she lost 160 lbs)

(Right confidence, wrong bathing suit-above)

(better bathing suit/body, it's not her fault she doesn't have an ass!!)

(Great look for Star!)

Looking good, Star!!

Sell it, Star!! (I love this look!!)

Star made it ok to rock shoes from Payless, wear wigs and be a part of Team Fatback. And then...Star met Al's tangy ass. And they were seen at basketball games and I saw his pic and was like...wth?? she can't tell dude's gay?! Now mind you, I know Star wanted to get married, and sometimes we see what we want to see, but damn-it was obvious Al probably had a 'pal.' Before the wedding, Star started to diminish in size and after the wedding the weight loss accelerated. Just MHO (my humble opinion), but I couldn't imagine Star working out so I figured she had Bariatric Surgery. Apparently, Star felt it was none of my or your business and either denied it or remained aloof when questioned...whatevs. However, when losing weight at the pace she did and you want to rock a swimsuit you MUST work out. Which brings me to the pics-check out Star Jones and see who's laughing the last laugh!! Btw, who in the hell does her make-up?? Loves it!

Although the bariatric surgery was imperative (she also has wicked asthma), Star has had no known plastic surgery-therefore I deem Starlet Marie: