Saturday, June 20, 2009

Timeless Beauty: Lena Horne

New York Native, Lena Horne was born into an upper middle class family of black, caucasian and Native American. Miss Lena's career began at the age of 16, in 1933, when she joined the chorus line at the Cotton Club in NY.

Miss Horne's family tree includes: her grandfather Samuel R. Scottron was a noted inventor, and her uncle Frank Horne was an adviser to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Although, Miss Horne had the best education she chose life in the entertainment industry instead.

I remember seeing her in all of her beautiful glory on Sanford & Son. Fred thought he was going to have the 'big one' for real!! I also remember being enchanted by her as The Good Witch on 'The Wiz'.
She's a dancer,



below-Ms. Lena Horne (pic, center)


There has been questions as to whether or not, Miss Lena has had rhinoplasty?
At the age of 92, WHO IN THE HELL CARES...this woman is a National Treasure.
She is Lena Horne: