Sunday, July 26, 2009

Black & Plastic's Lil' Kim Party in Miami...

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Moving right along...Black & Plastic's representative of all that is black, plastic, sucked, tucked, squeezed, teased, lightened, front-laced etc...yes, itty-bitty Lil' Kim celebrated her 34th, yes 34th birthday in Mee-yami (Miami for the clueless lol).

Photo - Lil Kim at her birthday party with rapper Trina (July 24, 2009 Club Mansion)
Kim celebrated in South Beach Florida at the Miami Mansion. Ms. Jones, rolled up in a yellow Laborghini (from Ray J?? who the hell knows), rocking a black lingaree (lingerie) outfit. Only Lil Kim can get away with such fuckery.

Photo of Lil Kim in lingerie at birthday party July 24, 2009

Wow, her make up looks fabulous!! The jury's still out on those shoes, tho. Lil Kim looks great to be kicking 40 in the ass! source

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