Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gulp of WTF?? #6: Steve Erhardt

My goodness, I watched a show called 'Truth Be Told: I'm Addicted to Plastic Surgery,' last night I think on TLC channel and it featured 3 people. While all 3 people were most definitely addicted to plastic surgery, one person stood out- Steve Erhardt- who pretty much scared the hell out of me.

Steve is a kind, gentle soul who works in the beauty industry. He owns a hair salon called 'Hollywood Secrets Salon' in California. Steve's journey into the world of plastic surgery began when he started working on 'beautiful' people in his shop. Someway, somehow Steve got it in his head that he wasn't beautiful-which was bullshit because he was a VERY good looking man before he allowed himself to be turned into a caricature.
Dude suffers from a serious case of body dysmorphia disorder. He's had 43+ procedures, and has spent over $125,000 on surgeries and even has his plastic surgeon on speed dial. My gawd.

It's so sad that Steve couldn't accept himself the way he was born. I'm all for self-improvement but this just goes WAY BEYOND!! At the end of the show, Steve decided he was going to spend $60,000 on putting veneers on all of his teeth. sigh

Steve, although you're truly a sweety pie-I look at you and say:

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