Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gulp of WTF?? The Black Edition: Lark 'Lisa Turtle' Voorhies...

Don't tell me shit about Saved By The Bell...Lark 'Lisa Turtle' Voorhies should have been saved the damn nurse before she underwent this totally FUCKED UP procedure.
lark voorhies face Pictures, Images and Photos
Apparently I'm late on this info, but I want to know why would this YOUNG (35 is young!) beautiful woman do this to her face?? Does she not know she was the envy of females-black, white, brown, yellow and everything in between. She's on her way to looking like Wildenstein the Cat Woman. She looks old. And I'm sorry, I'm damn near IN TEARS looking at this pic! Am I being dramatic-HELL NO.

How could she possibly think this look is ok?? And I know LIKE HELL, she's not going to reprise her role as Lisa Turtle! No way. Now I understand why she's been missing in action for so long.
Trust me, I understand we age. And it's been a helluva minute since Saved by the Bell has aired, and I do not expect her to still look like a child.
But what could've possibly prodded Lark into going from this:
lark voorhies face Pictures, Images and Photos


she REALLY needs to sue the surgeo BUTCHER that did this to her face. bless her heart, bless her heart. I have no more words...I'm too damn traumatized...for real.

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