Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bria Murphy...Baby's All Grown Up...

I was checking out a blog called Brown Sista, and on the front page was a shoe with multi-colored coin-like decorations. I didn't read the title of the post, I simply clicked the link to look at the shoes. There was a side-by-side pic with 2 women wearing the same shoe. I read the names: Bria Murphy, Shaunie Nelson. Why did the name 'Bria Murphy' sound so familiar to me? OH.EM.GEE...I KNOW that's not Eddie Murphy's baby?! Oh yes it was and she's no longer a baby-as a matter of fact, she'll be 20yrs old next month...DAYUMMMMMM!!

I remember pics of babygirl when she was a youngin'!


(Bria with her sibs Zola, Shayne Audry and their mom, Nicole)

Bria walked the runway for Macy's...go 'head, Bria!


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