Saturday, December 12, 2009


I do not keep up with rappers-male or female. The way the hip hop game has turned leaves a nasty bitter taste in my mouth...yeccch!

Having said that, my kids (21 & 18) has been talking about this chile named Nicki Minaj. I've kind of heard of her-but she wasn't important enough to Google...until today. She's 25 and is of African, Trinadadian and Indo-Asian descent.

Lately, there's been talk of her being rapper turned convicted felon Remy Ma's ex-girlfriend (that's another story), and she's had plastic surgery. Let's take a look.

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Ook. As soon as I was about to rule out breast augmentation...I found this pic
Her dimple is unmistakable. sigh...girl did get bags put in her chest...
In looking at the 1st pic of's apparent that she has gained some weight. Granted, gained weight distributes all over...but I'm not so sure about gaining this much weight here:

There are also rumors of her having rhinoplasty.

Minaj, looks very different now than 2008 but she's not the Bride of Frankenstein...yet.
I deem Minaj

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