Thursday, January 14, 2010

Huge Gulp of WTF: Heidi Montag...G.T.F.O.H!!

You know I was cruising thru CNN (YES...I'm a CNN whore, i just wish they'd be a little quicker with their damn breaking news....they're alway 4hrs late) anyway...there was a post about Heidi Montag-a judgmental, attention whore who touts being a Christian but apparently has forgotten that God judges the interior NOT the exterior-who became rich and famous by appearing on MTV's The Hills. Granted she was a little boring...but everybody is NOT for every body.

So, after her checks started clearing she bought boobs (nose job, and lip injections)...don't all of the reality gal buy boobs with their new money?? Since I'm not titty-challenged, I'm not familiar with the issues members of the itty-bitty-titty committee often incur. It's pretty serious I'm sure, so ok..I can understand that type of cosmetic procedure.

Getting back to CNN...there was an article that said this narcisstic bitch has basically had an overhaul worth of plastic surgery. Since CNN...didn't want to give up the goodies the way I like them served, I clicked the source link...People Magazine. The headlines at says that this girl is not only addicted to plastic surgery but she had 10surgers in one day. WTF?! Can you say ...crazy ass?? What is wrong with this girl...and yes girl-she's 23yrs old...that she'd risk her life in the name of beauty??
She's no longer even recognizable! If looking like a vampish vixen was her goal...ACHIEEEEVVVED!!

The fucked up part about this? She looks OLDER now. smh I wonder...I wonder what her soon-t0-be-ex husband, Spencer Pratt (also her colleague) has to say about all this shit??

You'd be surprised at what a couple of hugs and a kazillion positive affirmations can do to your child!

Heidi...risking your life and coming out of surgery looking older??
You are a

Maybe her parents can take control of her money like Britney Spears' father did. Ughhh!!

NOW, I can go to damn bed.

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