Monday, March 8, 2010

WTF: Beverly Johnson...Are You BLIND??

I'm not sure what makes my soul cry out more: Beverly Johnson's tranny mug or her Sis. Patterson-esque hairline, either way...I'm hurting.

I understand it's not easy being an older super model (she'll be 58 in October), trying to stay relevant...but dammit...this is Beverly Johnson! History maker, wig pusher, lace front destroyer, botox connoisseur Beverly Johnson! She used to be a force to be wreckoned with...but now it seems she's taken a wrecking ball to her face...WHY???

What is it about these pumpkin carvers (plastic surgeons) who believe chopping up faces is somehow to be construed as art?? People should look like works of art...and not a random abstract painting!

This is the Beverly Johnson I remember:

I cannot believe this beautiful woman is now a casualty of AWFUL Plastic Surgery...smh

Ms. Beverly...word of advice: