Saturday, April 17, 2010

Black & Plastic's 101st Post! Butt injections...beware!

I have to give a shoutout to my girl, NoLove, for this story. Some shit is just too damn hard to I went to Google to verify the story...and hot was the first result!

It seems that 6 females in New Jersey were so desperate to get an ass, they paid a construction work 'doctor' to inject caulk into their asses. You didn't know you could shoot caulk into your ass cheeks?? YOU CAN'T.  This is what caulk is used for:

Catch my drift?  Caulk is used for sealing bathtubs, and sinks.  Not butt cheeks!  IF, and that's a big are unhappy with your posterior...DO YOUR RESEARCH! The adage, 'you get what your pay for' is true in this case.  Buttocks augmentation is costly-know that! If a 'surgeon' is trying to do your procedure in a back alley, an empty warehouse, or the back of a car-you may want to reconsider. OR you can verify your doctor is Board Certified by visiting The American Board of Plastic Surgery's website-just a thought.  Also, when you meet your doctor face to face-come armed with questions-it is YOUR ass after all!

I can only imagine how lumpy, bumpy and hard those women's asses (in New Jersey) are.  I'm sure they're very embarrassed (and traumatized to say the least) but I wish there were pics of the butchery so others can learn.

Having said that, here are a couple of pics-of buttocks augmentation done well:

The above results were achieved WITHOUT butt implants...but with injections-of your fat!  According to Dr. David Sadaat of Beverly Hills, CA, the Brazilian Butt Lift is: all-natural augmentation procedure that reshapes the buttocks into a look worthy of any Brazilian beauty. The procedure is relatively simple. Fat is removed from selected areas of your body through liposuction-then that fat is purified and strategically injected into your buttocks. The sexy results? More youthful, fuller and lifted buttocks without implants! And don't tell anyone, but there is huge added benefit of the Brazilian Butt Lift: the liposuction also leaves you leaner in areas where fat was removed. No wonder the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), reports that the butt lift procedure is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the U.S.!

For more information on Dr. Sadaat and the Brazilian Butt Life, click here.
Now that I've done my good deed for the day...take a look at the video below regarding the women with the caulk asses....sigh.

View more news videos at:

What are YOUR thoughts, Blastics???