Monday, April 12, 2010

Kimora Lee Simmons: Victim of PhotoChop

I've been incognegro for a minute cuz Twitter & FB has been getting the best of me. I admit...I love fuqqery,'s hard (as of late) finding stories on black celebs 'reinventing themselves.  Anyhoo....I was perusing a couple of blogs and I came across Kimora Lee Simmons and this very fuc off-putting ad for her new fragrance entitled, Dare Me.
Can you say WTF?  Normally, if this was a generic ass model I wouldn't trip because the  nerds with the mouse would have free reign to do as they please.  However,  Ms. Baby Phat is a powerful woman and is the HBIC.  So that leads me to ask:  Why in the HELL would she authorize this pic?  Her legs look like chopsticks and her head looks cut/pasted atop of another model!
What's wrong with looking like this, Kimora:
You still look great! I cannot let you off the hook seeing as how you call the shots. Get it together, before we read about your daughters having body issues on the front page of the tabloids! 
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