Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zulekha Haywood: Model in her own right...

It's difficult growing up as a girl.  Silently, comparing your body to those of your classmates, cousins, friends etc.  I could not imagine having not one parent, let alone 2 who aren't simply your run of the mill celebs-mom's a super model and dad's a former NBA basketball star?!  Ohhh the pressure to be perfect!

Such was the case of beautiful Zulekha Haywood child of Iman (yes, Iman) and Spencer Haywood.  Zulekha spoke to Glamour about growing up overweight despite numerous failed diets and exercise plans.

(l to r: Zulekha, Iman and niece)

Zulekha spoke to Glamour regarding topping out at 330lbs: 
I had developed heel spurs and swollen knees that made it excruciatingly painful to stand up after lying down for eight hours, so getting out of bed was always an orchestrated event. I’d send any man who slept over off to shower, and once the coast was clear, I’d swing my legs out and put my feet on the ground gingerly, allowing the blood to return to my feet and legs. After a minute, I could stand. After another minute, I was comfortable enough to start walking.:
At 28 yrs of age, Zulekha also suffered from Osteoarthritis. Zulekha decided to take matters into her own hands and undergo Gastric Bypass surgery.  She has gone from a size 26 to 6...amazing!

Not only does Zulekha looks great, but she feels great as well.  Nowadays, Iman isn't the only head turner!  Congratulations on your success, Zulekha!  

Yes, Gastric Bypass surgery is an extreme procedure-it's been a lifesaver for many overweight people.  How do you feel about Zulekha's choice?