Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chopped & Screwed: Where's J-Woww's Belly Button?

While I am a total Google whore, and I love blogging...there are some negatives to knowing your way around a 'puter!  Case in point...I hate the nerds who created Photoshop! Sure, when you're taking high school senior pics and ur face looks like it could be mistaken for a Domino's pizza-Photoshop is the best thing since sliced bread!

A celeb who's all for using PhotoShop as a dietary supplement, is Mariah Carey.  Her CD covers are always at least 50lbs lighter than her actual weight:

The most recent (D-list) celeb was J-Woww of MTV's  Jersey Shore fame.  J-Woww's not only known for her boxing (as in fighting) capabilities but also her hot bod (that's what the guys said...anyway).  So hot in fact that Maxim Magazine...yes THE Maxim Magazine did a feature on J-Woww.  While they didn't forget to tell her to leave the boxing gloves at home, they did forget to include her....BELLY BUTTON!!

Uhhhh yeah, so while the dweebs were admiring, and wowwing over J-Woww's boobs, they REMOVED her damn navel. SMH  Check out the rest of J-Woww at

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