Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sheyla Hershey's Ta-Ta's Are Killing Her...Be Careful What You Wish For...

I'm convinced hugs from parents can make the difference n a child's life.  I also believe when you have too much money, you're prone to to do stupid crazy ass shit.  Which brings me to Sheyla Hershey...

Her claim to fame? Her breasts.  Apparently, this housewife's marriage is 'bout as empty as an alcoholic's glass and in order to get attention she sought to reinvent her chest over and over. She's gone under the knife over 30 damn times.  WTF??  Being a size FFF wasn't working in her favor (I guess), so she found a money-hungry, psychopath who was able to get through medical school and recite the Hippocratic oath with a poker face to do her last procedure. He took her up to a size KKK (enter your joke here...).

Needless to say-a raging, nasty staph infection is tearing through Sheyla's body due to the monstrous implants.  She wanted to become famous due to her ta-ta's and now she is.  Not only are her breasts in danger, but so is her life...I mean was it really that serious?? Dayum!

Sheyla get well soon, and put more emphasis on your children and not your breasts.  It's time to prioritize.
Check out the video below, if you care:

To be continued...


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