Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nicki Minaj's video 'Right Thru Me'

I'm just going to call Nicki Minaj..."The lil Lace Front that could' cuz this girl's caboose can't be stopped.  The self proclaimed Harajuku Barbie is seen everywhere...and I'm still not sure...why?!  Be that as it may...everywhere you look-Twitter, FB little silly black girls are now calling themselves Barbie.  Not sure why you want to name yourself after a toy that doesn't even have a va-jay-jay...but hey-who am I?

Having said all of that, here's Nicki's video 'Right Thru Me...'  I'd love to focus on the actual plot, but I can't tear my eyes away from the atrocious lacefront hairline...smh *DEATH TO lacefronts, unless it's done by a hairstylist from James Cameron's movie set* She needs to find another drag queen hairstylist! more delays:

Your thoughts: Yayy or Nayyyy??