Monday, July 18, 2011

Happ (belated) Birthday, Queen Bee

What in awful plastic surgery hell was I thinking?!  How could I NOT acknowledge the reigning Queen of Black & Plastic-Lil Kim's 37th birthday on July 11th??  As the church says, 'charge it to my head and not to my heart' (rolling eyes)  Anyhoo...reality show basketball wives' (who hopes to officially become the housewife of Chad Ochocinco) star, Boogie Bronx's own Evelyn Lozada threw a surprise birthday party for Queen Bee.

Hmmm...37 isn't old (don't ask me how I know) but that hairline that not only ages Lil Kim but it also looks eerily like LaToya Jackson's hairline...doesn't it?  I'm glad the queen of Black & Plastic, Hip Hop, and PayPal had a great birthday!  She's overcome many obstacles and I'm glad to see her being appreciated!