Monday, July 11, 2011

World Record Holder...Norma Stitz and her Tits....

I'm trying to would I feel if Ms. Norma Stitz (aka Annie Hawkins-Turner) were my mother.  Would I be upset that she's showing off her gargantuan cleavage and long natural breasts or would I applaud her for getting her hustle the expense of said behemoth natural breasts?

Well the jury is still out...however, I'm feeling..some kind of way.  What kind of way, I can't exactly say but..I'm kind of beguiled by the bosom.  It seems that Ms Norma Stitz's  tits are  world record holders-they're the world's largest natural breasts on record-surprise surprise!  According to Wikipedia (i know, i know lol) Norma's said to wear bra size 102ZZZ (but according to her most recent comment on Youtube, Ms. Norma says she doesn't have a bra size at this time #shrugs) and her breasts weigh approximately 56lbs each..wth?!

Norma even has her own website...check her out-oh btw...NSFW, click here.