Sunday, January 8, 2012

Congratulations to Bey, Jay Z (and their surrogate?) On baby Blue Ivy Cartery

All hail...THE child is born!  The most beautifulest baby-the baby with spectacular R&B/Hip Hop lineage that's ever been anticipated,  has been birthed.  Try to control yourselves, peasants! Thy child is here....whom am I referring to??
 One of our B &P members, Beyonce has 'delivered' her baby yesterday.  No deets on her daughter, Blue Ivy's weight-but she delivered at NY's Lenox Hill Hospital.  It's been said the 4th floor was rented out  at the hospital for an impressive $1.3 million dollars.  Dayum.
While there's been speculation about Beyonce actually carrying the baby herself, (see video 0:59, and photo below)-I mean how else can Bey insure she looks camera ready in her leotards ;)- we're happy the baby's healthy.

^^^^^ Your thoughts on Bey's collapsible belly? 

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