Monday, April 23, 2012

Three and a Half Months later...I EAT MY WORDS!!

At this very moment, I'm watching at the 'reality' show, Mob Wives.  This episode is about Karen Gravano's book release party for her book Mob Daughter (the book reviews are..horrible, but I digress).  Why do I continue to watch this reality show?  Two words:  BIG ANG.  I pre-judged Big Ang, and I swear if she wasn't on this show-I wouldn't bother recording the episodes.

WHENEVER she's featured, you know what I wait for?  Her laugh! lol I'm literally lol'g as I think about her laughing.

  But more importantly, Big Ang is a beacon of light in a sea of drama, crying and cursing.  She's always neutral and should have a firemen (women)'s uniform because she's always putting out fires lol

I love Big Ang...yeah, I said it.  I'd also love to know who does her hair-it's fabulous!


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