Monday, May 28, 2012

Rapper Nas Releases video entitled, Daughters

I'm NOT sure why this video is considered, 'controversial', considering this video shows Nas taking responsibility for not being as attentive as he should have been with his daughter, Destiny. That takes cajones! Nas (and I'm merely going out on a limb here...) felt the need to put this message out not only for himself but also for other men who have daughters- who because of dads' inactions, causes actions by  daughters such as flaunting a box of condoms on social networks, and naming a white colored Benz, Cocaine. OUCH!!

Destiny's mother isn't  happy about her daughter being the topic of the video, but Nas didn't HARP on his daughter's indiscretions-highlighting the indiscretion helps viewers to understand the plot of the video.  Destiny's twitter account has since been deleted.

Anyhoo, watch the video and post your thoughts :)