Friday, June 15, 2012

No Ma'am, Jada Pinkett Smith, NO Ma'am!!

When you hear the name, Jada Pinkett Smith, yo u think diminutive, sexy and beautiful-well hell at least I think that. Jada has managed to keep her body fine-tuned, and has aged gracefully. Now...I'm not against plastic surgery. However, when surgeries and procedures cause you to look...not yourself, then I must shout, PUMP THE BRAKES! Having said that...Ms. Jada, boo, PUMP YOUR BRAKES. I mean...I'm confused. I know you have mad spending money, and some free time since the demise of your show HawthoRNe...but..No Ma'am-LEAVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE ALONE!! What am I referring to?  See for yourselves:

 And her eyes! Her beautiful can barely see them.

I can't. I can't keep writing.  Excuse me while I go cry in my pillow.