Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vanity (the 8th) Wonder is back...

You may remember this post about women who injected their derrieres in order to advance their modeling career.  Well, one of the young ladies...Vanity, has garnered face time with Dr. Drew.  Vanity explained the motivation behind increasing the size of her rear, and also admitted there are shady practices (Caulk) used to increase butt size for the desperate.

Here's the rundown:
One woman's quest to get a butt like one of our Bangin' Candy models has reached epic heights. Vanity Wonder, a model and author of the book, Shot Girls, appeared on HLN with Drew Pinsky where she opened up about getting 1,000 butt injections. “After my first time going to get it done, it became a competition,” she said. “I was like you know she's got a bigger butt, she's got a bigger butt, I want a bigger butt, but around my fifth time getting injections it got injected.”
The derriere has become a focal point in Hip-Hop culture, and with women all over the globe rushing to increase the plumpness of their backsides, there are bound to be more than a few incidents of botched procedures. Although Wonder became the victim of an infection, which drove her to get more butt shots to cover up the lumps in her skin brought by the contamination, she came still came out on top. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for April Brown of Southern California. The mom of two had her limbs amputated following a botched procedure.
One would assume that the fears of losing limbs and getting sick would stop these women from injecting poison into their bodies, but that's clearly not the case.
Check out video of Wonder below, and a few (butt) shots for your viewing pleasure.


Vanity is also promoting her book, Shot Girls, which details her journey into unsavory world of butt injections.  Her book is also available on Amazon.  Wish her the best in all of her endeavors.