Sunday, September 2, 2012

Evelyn 'Beat Em Til It Hurts' Lozada's new Hustle: Garnering Sympathy from the media

Yep, this post is about Evelyn 'Beat Em Til It Hurts' Lozada.

I usually reserve my posts for people who deserve it...but when I saw Ms. Lozada speaking out I had to speak.

Like many others, I don't understand why domestic violence is an issue now that Lozada was on the receiving end of the 'headbutt heard around the world.'  The little she devil has trounced, punched, thrown bottles, intimidated and verbally abused women on a consistent basis-damn near in every episode of the horrible, ratchet 'reality' show, Basketball Wives.

Now that her money maker decided to redesign her forehead, she's elected herself as the poster child for Domestic Violence.  Come on Evelyn-did you really think you could abuse others without incurring a little comeuppance?

Since her new 'reality' show, Ev & Ocho, has been cancelled (thank you reality show gods!!), and her football ex has been fired (before he even started) from the Miami Dolphins football team, Evilyn had to think of another way to interviews.

Now that her forehead has healed up, Evilyn is talking.  Check out the interview she gave on ABC News, and post your thoughts.  What's a better way to look like a victim than covering your breasts, toning down the eyeshadow, pulling the hair back in a severe ponytail?