Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hey Boo...Try FIRMOO!

Hello Plastiques!!

Sorry I've been away but I've had trouble with my eyes-I couldn't see. Well, I could see-but not up close, which makes it extremely frustrating and difficult in creating posts.  Before we get to business, I just wanted to let you know about a hook-up I've come across. CHEAP, INEXPENSIVE & COOL GLASSES!!

If you're fortunate to have great vision insurance-FANTASTIC! For the rest of us who who needs glasses and have bought reading glasses from cheap stores (GUILTY!!) because cost is indded a factor-enter...FIRMOO.  FIRMOO's an online store that sells eyeglasses for EVERY BUDGET!!  If you're money conscious, or fashion-conscious, don't worry, FIRMOO has you covered! You can even upload your pic and virtually try on glasses-that's what I did *giggles* After feeling satisfied with my research on FIRMOO, I placed my order.

Exactly 1 week later, voila, my glasses were here!!

 lol It even came with a repair kit :)

Details of the eyeglass handle
 frontal view...
 Another pic..

Guess how much these PRESCRIPTION glasses cost?  $30!!
I've been telling EVERYONE about FIRMOO...but I haven't told you the best part...NEW CUSTOMERS' GLASSES ARE FREE-just pay shipping and handling honey. I've had my glasses for two weeks and I have no qualms.  They're not too heavy, they don't hurt around my ears, they're not sliding down my face (don't ask). And best of all, I CAN SEE...WITHOUT SQUINTING!